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Grand Theft Auto 2


Set in the near future, the next game in the GTA series arrives bringing with it with more of the same thing that could be found in the original, but with improved audio, graphics and artificial intelligence. This is set in one large city that is split into 3 sections rather than 3 different cities and, just like before, the players objective is to make as much money as he can by committing various crimes and completing missions for gangs.


  • Graphical enhancements from the first game
  • Almost a dozen weapons to choose from
  • New gangs and respect levels with each gang which affects their attitudes towards you
  • Bonus multipliers can really rack up your scores.

  • Min System Requirements:

    System: Pentium-200 or equivalent
    RAM:32 MB RAM
    Video Memory: 8 MB VRAM
    Hard Drive Space: 70 MB
    Mouse: Yes
    Sound Board: Yes
    DirectX: DirectX v6.1

    Game Download:

    Wild Metal Country


    Wild Metal Country is a action game in which you control a little tank (there are five different tanks you can select). Tank-like machines have gone wild on the three different planets of the Tehric system and your job is to defeat them (for more about the story, see the advertising blurb).

    The battles take place in desolate mountain environments. The big difference in altitude play an important role in the game. In the single player mode you complete levels by collecting 8 colored power cores, which are defended by the machines, and returning them to one of several hovering stores. The player has an infinite amount of lives. The weaponry consists of 8 types of missiles and 4 types of mines. You receive help from a pair of helicopters that drop ammo and can heal you.

    It takes some time to get used to the control scheme. The two tracks of the tank are operated independently (you can for example make a quick spin by going forward with one track and backwards with the other). Moreover you can turn the turret in any direction. The camera always moves with your turret. So you might actually be driving towards the camera. You can also change the angle of your turret and the distance your rockets travel. You only use the keyboard to control your tank.

    Noteworthy aspects of the game are: the physics modelling, the 3D engine and the amount of freedom the player has (no time constraints etc.).

    Game Download:


    Note: This Game Is Free For Download From Their Website...Just Fill In Your Details And You Will Get The Links